Hoopster Plot and Report

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  • Published : September 1, 2011
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Jordan foster grade 8 ST.Augustine 8/2011 The Hoopster 

By: Alan Lawrence Sitomer Book Info:

Author(s) Alan Lawrence Sitomer

Genre(s) Urban fiction

Publisher Disney Hyperion

Publication date 2005 Media type print Paperback

Story Setting : The Getto

Characters : Mustafa, Andre, Gwen, Shawn, Mohamed and Lima

PLOT SUMMARY: Andre seems to have everything. A good basketball shooting ability a well paying job as a magazine writer. and an loving girlfriend. Andre is assigned the job of writing an article on racism. He starts to see it everywhere he goes, . One night, Andre’s article gets written and he becomes a local celebrity; but, fame comes with a price. Race tensions are high in Andre’s town and his article is getting as much hate mail as fan mail. Andre’s own life is threatened. Will he ever reach his dreams of becoming a famous writer through so much hatred? What will reaching for his dreams cost him in the end? Story Summery:

The Hoopster, by Alan Lawrence Sitomer takes place in a modern day neighborhood, where everyone gets along no matter who you are.
The main characters of this book are Andre Anderson a black teenager who wants to become a professional writer, Shawn a white teenager who is Andre’s best friend, Cedric Andre’s cousin, Pops Andre’s dad, Mr. Jarvis Andre’s boss, and Gwen Andre’s white girlfriend. Andre is a black teenager who loves to play basketball with his friends. He has a dream of becoming a great writer-like most children with big dreams ,but he does something about it. He gets a job at Affairs Magazine. Mr....
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