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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Samantha Simmons
Mrs. Goodloe
English 101.043
25 October, 2011
Hookah Bar
When I began planning this paper, I didn’t know where to begin. Because I’m from Evansville, it was much harder to find something I’ve never done, but then it hit me. I just turned 18 recently and the two places I haven’t been that I am now able to are 1) the hookah bar or 2) the strip club. I didn’t think going to the strip club would be an appropriate topic for this paper. Therefore, I was left with option number one.

Considering my busy schedule, I set aside a day to go spend a couple hours at Charazad Hookah Bar. It’s a little place located right across the street from Eastland Mall. When I first walked in, the waitress let me choose my seat and handed me a menu. On the inside, it’s black-lit, I sensed a middle-eastern vibe (music, paintings), with pillows, booths and tables in various places. I looked at the menu, and it consisted of: different flavors and combinations of shisha (molasses covered tobacco), drinks, smoothies, a few appetizers and a dessert of the day. The waitress came back after a few minutes and after having looked over all of my options, I finally decided what flavor I wanted: Raspberry Lemonade. I also got a free drink, because we we’re their first customers. I basically spent the whole time chatting with my friends and smoking. They chipped in too, and we tried a couple more flavors. There was peach kiwi—which was probably my favorite—, summer dream (mango, strawberry and bananas), and lemon ice. We smoked that one through a hookah with ice in the vase and a frozen hose. After a while, my Sprite ran out. Therefore, I was forced to try a smoothie. I chose to go with the berry blast, which included strawberries—of course—, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and kiwi(because I said so). My mouth was so happy after just the first sip. I sipped on my drink as we continued smoking. The waitresses would come by every so often bringing out new coals to keep...
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