Hook-up Culture among College Students

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Morality Reflection Unit (Hook-Ups)
One aspect of the Mortality Unit that I found most intriguing was the hook-up culture for college students. There are many different viewpoints on the topic. Some believe kids just want sex with no strings attached while others are determined these same kids are just looking for love. I am one of the believers that college students are sick of the current hook-up culture and want real true relationships. Although some students participate in random hook-ups, no one truly wants to have meaningless sex. In “89% of College Students Hate Hook-Up culture” by Susan Walsh, she describes how students usually get drunk before participating in a hook up so they do not feel guilty about their actions and do not develop feelings towards their partner. This helps them cope with their conscience about giving himself or herself to someone who they do not love. These students know they are making a poor moral choice by sleeping with someone randomly instead of waiting for love. A statistic I found startling that Walsh found was that eighty-five percent of students rarely if at all hook up. Students are pressured to fit in and due to this pressure they exaggerate about how many hook ups they have had to make themselves fit in with what they believe their friends are doing. This again is a poor moral choice. Students need to realize they shouldn’t have to lie to cover up their beliefs just so others may like them more. There are many students that have good moral values and do not even want to partake in hooking up at all. It is a major misconception that all students are hooking up and having sex. It may be true that people are not dating as much as they used too but Walsh proved that it does not mean college students are just simply hooking up to satisfy sexual pleasure. Rumors and fallacies show that college students sleep around and hook up when in reality all they really want are meaningful realtionships. Another article we read that...
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