Hoodie Allen Review

Topics: Performance, Concert, Live albums Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: December 6, 2012
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A Night with Hoodie
On the night of November 5th, one of my favorite rising hip hop stars, Hoodie Allen came to the Sacramento State campus. When I first heard of the concert I thought to myself, Hoodie is pretty famous why would he be performing at Sacramento State? Of course I had to see him, so I reached out to a bunch of my friends from my hometown to come with me on that fine night and I’ll tell you it was worth the ten dollar fee. Hoodie lit up the stage with his intense energy and his interaction with the crowd. Although being incredibly hot due to the mass amount of people being in the ballroom at the same time, it definitely will go down as one of the greatest concerts I have been to.

The show was an amazing experience and the songs he performed were executed with great energy. It started when new up and coming artist named Sooshe opened up for him to get the crowd going with his personal DJ and techno vibe, but everyone was just anticipating Hoodie take the stage. Overall Sooshe did a great job getting everyone warmed up and even had the whole crowd chant “Hoodie, Hoodie” before he left the stage. Soon after the lights dimmed and Hoodie’s live band started playing one of his hit songs, “The Chase is On.” The whole crowd went crazy, escalating louder and louder as Hoodie emerged from backstage. Getting everyone to Xavier 2

put their arms in the air and wave them to the beat, he performed the song with high energy. After throwing the sunglasses he was wearing into the crowd, he sang numerous songs from his new album “All-American” such as “No Faith in Brooklyn” and “Top of the World.” He also performed my personal favorite, “Not a Robot” which he added a twist involving the live band. On top of all of his own songs he sang, he played a couple of other artists’ songs and added his own vibe to them. Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” and The Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right to Party”...
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