Honus and Me Summary

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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Honus & me

Have you ever stumbled across half a million dollars? Well I’ve stumbled across half million dollars. Your now thinking who I am aren’t you. Well Joe Stoshack if you were to see me you would think im odd looking. Even though my first name is Joe most kids call me Stosh, guess they like that better. My personality is friendly, caring, not to confident sadly, and hate to disappoint people. All my adventures took place in 1909. My adventure all began on a…

My adventure all began on an evening I was cleaning Mrs. Young she once murdered a girl, but she seemed kind. As I was cleaning her attic thinking this isn’t worth $10 dollars. When I was almost done getting all the boxes out, I accidently dropped a box. As I cleaned up the mess it all began. It was a Honus Wagner t-206 card, when I looked at it with such amazement I began to clean up the rest of the mess. The time I began home Mrs. Young called my name for payment. Instead of $10 dollars she gave me $20 instead. I thought to myself I don’t really care since I have half a million dollars. That night I had an odd feeling I’ve never felt before.

The feeling was that someone was in the house a burglar of course, but as I lifted my head like the speed of clashing protons the stranger was just sitting there. As I looked at him he approached closer I finally realized that it was Honus Wagner . When he asked me what was the date it was he starred blankly, after a couple minutes we began to socialize. The time I started falling asleep he started telling me stories of his life. That night I felt a strange tingly sensation. As night turned into morning then evening I woke up. I felt itchy though, back hurt, felt dirty, and bigger.

When I woke there was an unfamiliar room I was in, as I got up I looked into the mirror there I was. It was that I grown, but what year was it by the time I got to the calendar it said 1909. As soon as I saw that Honus entered the room he said bout time you woke...
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