Honor Essay

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Honor can be defined in several ways which can apply to ones recognition with great respect and pride. Back in the old days honor was the meaning of having integrity, respects others, and sticks to their beliefs no matter what others think. I believe Josie Augustine who is from Elsipogtog,N.B First Nations is a very honorable person. I feel that she practices honor in her everyday life and shows it to our community and to several other communities. Josie teaches children and elders our cultural ways, language, crafts, dances, hosts sweats, and also teaches how to make regalia's. Josie has taught me to pray and give thanks to the creator and to the plans & animals. She told me why we do these things and why it is so important to us. Not only has she taught me growing up but she has taught the community and several other communities. When i decided to become a Fancy Shawl Dancer and Jingle Dress dancer she has taught me things that I had no idea about and spoke to me in our language. When i spoke my language to try and speak back to her she would not judge me for how I said it but simply correct me when I had mispronounced a word. She has travelled to Potlotek Elementary School and has been teaching the children our culture and our different dances. She also has been teaching and helping them learn how to make their very own regalias over the past year, and I would go and teach them how to fancy shawl and jingle. Josie has so much pride in our culture and will continue to teach as many people as she can reach and will enjoy to keep doing it for as long as she can. She will always volunteer in our community just to speak with the children and teach them because the children are the ones that will keep our generation to keep going strong. If the children don't learn than how are we suppose to pass it down to the next generation and so on. Josie and her husband Frank are always hosting sweats for the community and always welcome people to attend them. She...
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