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Honor is an aspect that once you lose you can’t gain back. It is one of those personality traits that instill a sense of pride and respect in oneself. The Honor Code at the University of Mary Washington reinforces ideals and values which my parents have instilled in me, and which I value highly: always doing my own work and exhibiting a high degree of integrity. The Honor System is not there to punish a student. I believe the Honor Code is there to help you achieve a high academic learning environment and is another educational opportunity available at the University of Mary Washington. I have seen students that don’t want to put in the hard work and effort. They want the easy way to an “A” and they are happy with copying someone else’s work to save their time. I believe the Honor Code at UMW enhances the learning environment. Students will work hard and turn their work in, knowing they gave their best, not someone else’s. It is a great moment when you receive a paper back from your professor, knowing that it is work that was done completely by yourself, and you receive a good grade. It makes you proud and inspires you to continue. I think the UMW Honor Code is an excellent part of the culture. Everyone talks about the Honor Code and it gives students a way to learn more than just academics, but morals. With an Honor Code a part of the culture at UMW, all students that graduate will bring it with them into the world and it will become a part of their identity. Every little step counts to returning integrity back into the world, and the Honor Code helps to develop this moral in UMW students. The Honor Code at the University of Mary Washington is a great system to abide by and will help me in my studies. I take pride in completing my own work and my integrity is a very important part of who I am. The Honor Code will reinforce what I have been taught my entire life and prepare me for what I will face after graduation.
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