Hong Thai Market Segement

Topics: Target market, Travel, Quality of service Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Target Market Segment
Hong Thai Travel’s target market segment divided into four segments which are middle income family group with children, special interest tour travelers, business travelers (incentive) and young independent travelers.

Middle income family group with children is an important market segment for the company. Their group size is great and usage rate of travel products is higher. For example, parents will find time to travel with their children during holidays. Besides, they are willing to spend money on their children. They wish their children will through travel to learn new thing and broaden their horizon. In addition, they prefer to purchase the package tour from high reputation travel agency and concern the safety. Hong Thai Travel is exactly satisfying their needs. The company obtained the Asia Excellence Brand Award in 2011. Also, they ensure that all employees have the concept of quality of service and provide high quality service. Therefore, target this market segment will bring substantial revenue.

Special interest travelers also are one of the target market segments of the company. They have high purchasing power. Besides, each traveler has a regular travel interest and unique travel preferences. They really like adventure and try new things. Also, they prefer to travel new destination. Thus, Hong Thai Travel is continuing to develop different themed tourism products. Because of their characteristic, the company can be more creative when planning tour and lead the trend.

Business travelers (incentive) are an important market segment for company to increase sales. It is a current trend to target this market segment. Many commercial company or organization uses this incentive travel as a management tool for rewarding, motivating employees and create loyalty. Besides, they want an unpredictable itinerary and have exotic experience after participate in this incentive travel. Moreover, they hope the incentive travel will included...
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