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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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LS- Hong Kong Today
Topic 1 Measure the Quality of Life In Hong Kong From Different Perspectives Learn about the quality of life
Meaning of Quality of Life
-material aspect: different kinds of material enjoyment that can be brought with money -spiritual aspect: the sense of satisfaction on a spiritual level which may not be bought with money -quality of life: the degree of satisfaction in the material and spiritual aspects of life Measurement of the quality of life

(i)Factors affecting quality of life
-people’s happiness and satisfaction will directly affect the level of quality of life 1.Objective factors
Political situation
-political stability, government’s performance, residents’ socio-political participation, human rights, rule of law… Economic situation
-economic development, employment situation and personal income.. Social situation
-social harmony, cultural tolerance, education, medical care, social welfare.. 2.Subjective Factors
-refers to personal feelings and opinions on quality of life -these feelings and views are closely related to one’s cultural background, belief, attitudes and value judgment.. -everyone’s assessment of his/her quality of life is different (ii)Indicators for measuring quality of life

-international organizations have been using quality of life as an index for measuring the living conditions of country or a region -scholars have set up a set of indicators for governments and relevant organizations to understand, analyze, and to carry out cross-period and cross-region comparisons Perspectives from which to measure the quality of life and the case of Hong Kong Economic Perspective

(i) Per Capita Gross Domestic Product
1.Relevant Concepts
-GDP=total value of goods and services produced by all resident producing units in a specific period of time -it can reflect the general economic performance and people’s general quality of life 2.Relationship between per capita GDP and quality of life

-increase n GDP = rise in...
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