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  • Published : November 5, 2006
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Q1. What are the three most important success factors in the theme park business?

Well-defined vision: One of key success factors is Disney¡¦s vision that is giving eternal life to cartoon characters and creating a place where people can meet these life-size characters. This vision helps Disney to persevere to provide different kind of rides and tame entertainment to visitors. Obviously, Disney¡¦s heritage and traditions attract visitors worldwide.

Balanced entertainment offering: A successful theme park should also emphasis on show different light entertainments such as parade and fireworks compared to hard rides. Theme park is supposed to be an ideal place for family trips, so it should provide entertainments suitable for family members in all ages. If a theme park can also offer tame entertainment, it should probably attract both thrill-seeking youngsters and families.

Marketing strategies: Innovative marketing strategies also contribute to the success of a theme park. Having life-size character to greet and treat visitors, having different events such as sponsoring sports competition to remind visitors of the theme park and having different merchandise to sell in the park. All these create an ace memory and this experience is supposed to last during the whole voyage to the park. Peripheral

Q2. What are the three key considerations for Disney when choosing mode of entry in foreign market?

Risk: The risk factor for any investment is very important. Disney should conduct detailed analysis on the total estimated debt it expects to bear and cost of building the whole amusement park and resorts. It is not preferable for Disney to bear the risk and cost of a new theme park only by itself because competition in the theme park business in fierce and Disney cannot guarantee success. For example, universal studio is doing very well in the United States and competing with Disneyland in that region. If the cost for the new theme park is too large, Disney...
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