Hong Kong Culture

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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CC 3621 Intercultural Communication
Chau Tsz Wai, Iris
11092510A (B01B)
Submission Date: 21 March 2013

Based on the Hong Kong’s cultural traits of Geert Hofstede’s research, Hong Kong has high level of power distance index, medium level of masculinity, low level of uncertainty avoidance index and low level of individualism. I partly agree with the results. I only agree the first three of cultural traits of Hong Kong and I think Hong Kong is more likely to be medium level of individualism.

About the power distance index, Hong Kong has high level result is quite proper. Privilege is a symbol for managers. The managers tend to have their own room in the office. The superiors do not work with the junior staff. Also, the lower status people call the last name and official title of the top management for showing the respect. The privilege and respect create a differentiation between the lower and higher. Besides, the employees tend to have are formal and unfamiliar relationship with the managers. For example, the low status employees are not willing to add their bosses’ Facebook because they treat their relationship as formal. They seldom have gathering with their bosses after work. From the working environment, it proves that Hong Kong is high power distance.

The result reflects Hong Kong is medium level of masculinity is appropriate. Actually, Hong Kong’s society permits more overlapping social roles for males and females. Hong Kong men can choose the career that is criticized as female’s job such as flight attendant and nurse. Also, it is easy to find that Hong Kong women in important positions within the company or government. For example, Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor is present Chief Secretary for Administration. Moreover, the industry associations always fight for improving workers’ working condition and demanding to establish the law of standard working hours. It reflects that Hong Kong people are not just focus on money and materials. The society is pursuing...
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