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  • Published : October 10, 2013
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Can we become happier? The answer is yes. Most people, especially those who are less educated, will say that happiness is simply having lots of money and luxury things or is successful at work. According to “Happier”, Dr. Tai Ben – Shahar – a professor of Harvard University – discusses true happiness in life and the way of making life become more meaningful. Through this piece of work, we realize that happiness is a combination of pleasure and meaning. According to Ben – Shahar’s happiness model, there are four patterns that human can express the way they live: Nihilism, Rat Racing, Hedonism and Happiness. Each archetype reflects the different links between present happiness and future benefits. Nihilism archetype is people who are giving up their hopes in the searching for the meaning of life. These people do not enjoy the happiness of the present, and they do not have any purpose or hope for the future. To put it another way, they do not really live. They just survive. Meanwhile, Hedonism archetype followers only enjoy happiness in the present and they do not even have any slight thoughts to the possible consequences in the future. These people do not like challenges in life. They avoid hard work because they think it is boring and miserable. On the other hand, the Rat Racers give up present happiness to chase the future benefits. This pattern seems to be the most familiar with the majority of us. We constantly pursue our goals and think that they can bring happiness. However, after accomplishing one goal, a new goal including anxiety and stress seems to immediately take place. These rat racers may experience satisfaction when they accomplish their goals. However, their happiness will then be put aside very quickly when they plunge into the new target. In contrast, the Happiness archetype reflects the perfect balance between present happiness and future benefits. According to Professor Ben – Shahar, happiness...