Honeywell Fusion 3 Dvr

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December 2004

The Fusion DVR Series by Honeywell offers the latest in digital technology. Models include 8, 16 and 32 channel units. Storage capacity 120GB to 1 terabyte of internal storage.

Fusion DVR Series

Fusion’s ability to select resolutions up to 720x576 and capture up to 400 images per second (PAL), allow critical information to be processed in an accurate and efficient manner.

The Fusion Series offers intelligent recording. Users can customise recording schedules based on their security and surveillance needs. The flexible set-up parameters allow users to record continuously or record only specified events. Targeted recording can be implemented by defining specific time periods and/or pre-andpost alarm recording by individual cameras. In addition, Fusion allows for instant access to information through its advanced search capabilities and remote access. Fusion’s advanced search and motion-based object search provide users the ability to access critical information in seconds. Remote viewing capabilities also provide instant access to critical information. Users have the ability to view images via wireless LAN and Internet by using compatible PDA products.

Fusion is compatible with CYA-Retail Security Software by Honeywell. Users can search recorded POS transactions combined with actual transaction video. Along with POS interface, Fusion also interfaces with ATM machines. Captured video, along with the ATM transaction details are recorded. Both POS and ATM interfaces have the ability to view recorded details locally and remote.

Key Features
• Capture rates up to 400 IPS (PAL) • Live viewing up to 400 IPS (PAL) • Multiplexed or Spot Output • Direct POS Interface (TVS compatible) • Remote Notification • Display Maps of Facilities

Changes in security environments are simplified by the use of Fusion digital video recorders. All Fusion DVRs use the same software platform, offering compatibility across the entire line. Never has a digital video series been so versatile and comprehensive, as the Fusion DVR Series.

• Smart, Preview and Index Search • Supports simultaneous remote connections • Records resolution up to 720x576 • Link events to control outputs • Up to 1 Terabyte of onboard storage • Up to 16 channels of audio • Remote access through PSTN, LAN/WAN DSL and ISDN


Features & Benefits
High-Resolution and Capture Rates Fusion is able to record up to 720 x 576 and has an image capture rate up to 480 IPS. This functionality allows Fusion to process information in an effective and quick manner. Instant Access to Information Fusion has advanced index search and motionbased object search functionality that allows users to retrieve critical information in seconds. This saves hours of available time and resources.

Flexible Connectivity and Expansion Fusion connects to PSTN, ISDN, LAN/WAN and cable modems giving the flexibility needed for multiple installations. In addition, Fusion is built to respond and adapt to the constant changes in security environments. Upgrades easily allow you to keep pace with the latest developments. Preview Search The Preview Search function gives a quick overview of a 24-hour period. The search can be narrowed down to ten-minute increments to one-minute increments based on the users review needs.

Mapping Capabilities

Fusion Remote Management Software Provides: Simultaneous Connections to Multiple-Sites • Simultaneous viewing of multiple sites • Viewing of live and /or recorded video • Control PTZ domes • Remote alarm monitoring • Mapping capabilities

Low Maintenance Eliminated are the worries of high VCR maintenance. The issues of replacing VCR heads and tapes are gone with the use of digital recording systems. Little time is required to maintain and service Fusion digital video recorders.

Versatility is the key to multi-site capability. Fusion’s Remote Management Software allows users to connect to a single unit or multiple sites...
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