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1.Image that you are in charge of logistics for a small exporting business such as Honeyland. What are the difficulties you need to think about ? 1.1Cost – New Zealand is far off the main shipping routes and transport costs are high compared to countries that are in the center of the world trade network. 1.2Time Of Shipping - Normal shipping time to Japan 10 day on average . However , in reality it takes much longer for a shipment to arrive safely to the customer. I must calculate exactly date , example actual date when the goods arrive and give extra time when promise to customer maybe 14 or 16 days, do not mention 10 days. If urgently can use International freight forwarder but it more costly than organizing the shipping with the shipping company. 1.3During Harvest Time – If we are using international harbor facilities at Napier , a small rural town. We must make sure have arrange carefully especially during harvest time. During harvest time a variety of produce exporters usually compete for limited container space and shipping facilities. Maybe it difficult to get container at that time. 1.4Price of Container - If only export for one container, on average just one container to Japan cost about NZ$400 (US$2,200) . This price includes the basic paperwork such as customs declaration. If client order for one container the prize is there, if customer require a more frequently delivery mode less than one container cost for container are high and projected arrival time is less predictable than normal because a suitable load going to the same destination to fill up the remainder of the container has to be found. If the product is small quantities better using International freight forwarder. 1.5Export pricing – If using New Zealand currency if will fluctuate compare to Japan currency . There better using currency more stable like USD or YEN for japan, it can avoid lose of currency exchange. (based on table 1...
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