Honey Commodity Assessment

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Commodity Assessment Report: Honey
1) Which are the main non-EU27 countries in Export and Import in 2010 in terms of volume and/or value? Are there any significant changes or trends observable in the external trade figures and/or average price levels upon exportation/importation of this commodity since 2000? Export:

In value (Euros): RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUSSIA) HONG KONG UNITED STATES SAUDI ARABIA CROATIA SINGAPORE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES PHILIPPINES INDIA JAPAN 623410 381153 246494 159886 101262 78300 73378 50658 48076 41674 It is obvious, that the most important export partner of Austrian honey producers are russian companies. They import almost the double amount of honey measured in Euros than the 2nd greatest export partner in 2010 – Hong Kong. Furthermore it`s apperent that most of these are asian countries and there`s no african country represented.

In quantity (100 kg): RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUSSIA) HONG KONG UNITED STATES CROATIA SAUDI ARABIA SINGAPORE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES INDIA PHILIPPINES VENEZUELA 1147 656 549 321 225 120 107 105 101 60 In this graph, it can be seen that the first 3 countries are on the same place as in terms of value, but Croatia and Saudi Arabia changed place. This means that the value of austrian honey in Saudi Arabia is much higher than in Croatia, what can be explained by the high product availability costs for Austrian honey in Saudi Arabia (transport costs,…).

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Trends since 2010:
800000 600000 400000 200000 0 RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUSSIA)

Value (in Euros)

Quantity (in 100 kg)
100 80 60 40 20 0


Value per 100 kg
70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0


Trends are here observed on the example of Russia. Just of Russia because the data from the past years of the other countries are hardly available. It`s visible that the exports in value rose steadily, while the exports in quantities declined for a short period of time in 2008/2009. The value per 100 kg can be seen as mirror-inverted to the graph of the exports in quantity. So when the exports in quantity were very high (as for example in 2010) the value per 100 kg plummeted – maybe because of the usage of economies of scale and/or quantity discounts.

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In value (Euros): ARGENTINA 1075912 The most imported honey in Austria has it`s origin in BRAZIL 1050420 Argentina, shortly followed by the honey from Brazil. These CUBA 721579 two countries are the significant leaders in exporting honey TURKEY 407623 to Austria. Generally it`s obvious that the southamerican CROATIA 292260 countries export a high quantity of honey (measured in CHILE 288094 Euro) to Austria. CHINA 277492 EL SALVADOR 272535 NEW ZEALAND 139068 URUGUAY 135037 In quantity (100 kg): ARGENTINA BRAZIL CUBA CHINA EL SALVADOR CHILE CROATIA TURKEY URUGUAY CANADA 4814 In this statistic it`s interesting that there are incremental 4766 changes in the place of the countries exporting honey to 3613 Austria (after the three leaders Argentina, Brazil & Cuba). 2202 Even some other countries joined the list. This means that the value of honey fluctuates strongly between different 1048 origins. 1041 999 942 628 412

Trends since 2010: Trends are here observed on the example of Chile because the data from the past years of the other countries are hardly available.

Value (in Euros)
700000 600000 500000 400000 300000 200000 100000 0


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3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

Quantity (in 100 kg)


Value per 100 kg
350 300 250 200 150 100


It`s obvious that the quantity in value and per 100 kg imported in Austria from Chile are fluctuating strongly while the value per 100 kg remained quite stable. So the price for honey from Chile hardly depends on the quantity imported. Another fact is that the average value of honey from Chile is outstandingly lower than the value of Austrian honey. For example the average value of honey (2000-2010) exported from...
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