Topics: Economics, Work breakdown structure, Management Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: February 21, 2013
MGT 172
HW #1

1. Make a list of the major deliverables for the project and use them to develop a draft of the work breakdown structure for the tournament that contains at least three levels of detail. What are the major deliverables associated with hosting an event such as a soccer tournament?

Some of the major deliverables of soccer tournament should be the stadium, workers (referee, security), food venues, local advertisement, sponsors, teams, event insurance and safe environment. . First level of detail would be the Soccer Tournament itself, and second level should be the deliverables, and third level should be deeper related topics of the deliverables, such as the lights and grass of the stadium, or list of different sponsorships, and criteria that are needed to satisfy under the safe environment.

2. How would developing a WBS alleviate some of the problems that occurred during the first meeting and help Nicolette organize and plan the project? Developing a WBS would help Nicole tremendously because her plans will be precise, as well as cost efficient and responsible priorities based. Since WBS aids with the main focus and emphasis of the project, establishing the priorities of the objectives will allow Nicole to make the best decisions accordingly.

3. Where can Nicolette find additional information to help her develop a WBS for the tournament?
Since Nicole’s project is based on organization, communication is the key term. Nicole can find additional information through other managers, who are planning the same sporting project as Nicole. Also to develop a better and more established WBS, more information the better, because Nicole has more options to consider for, meaning she is picking the priorities from the longer list of needs.

4. How could Nicolette and her task force use the WBS to generate cost estimates for the tournament? Why would this be useful information?
Since Nicole uses WBS to specify each department and its needs,...
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