Honesty Speech

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My talk today is going to be about HONESTY. I chose this value because in my family, we value the importance of honesty. It is the value that we hold the highest regard for. Being honest is when you tell the truth. (No one believes a liar, even when they tell the truth. by Hans Christian Anderson. The boy who cried wolf). The Macquarie dictionary meaning for the word Honesty is: the quality or fact of being honest. Truthfulness, sincerity and frankness. Even though it may sometimes be difficult to tell the truth and be honest, and it may seem that lying is the easiest option, believe me, in my family (and probably in most other families) it’s not. I remember an occasion when I wasn’t honest with my mum and she found out. Firstly, she was as mad as ever, she raised her voice at me and expressed her disappointment in my lying. Secondly as punishment, I was not allowed to watch TV for the rest of the day and she made me write two pages worth of lines of why I must not lie and why I must be honest. I was so frustrated and upset doing the lines that I have been as honest as I possibly can ever since. No more lies to my mum! After this incident, I have learnt that it is better to be honest than to lie, as you get into more trouble when you lie than if you tell the truth. This does not mean that when I tell the truth I won’t get into trouble. f I have done something bad and I tell the truth I will still be punished but nowhere near as bad as if I lied. Also, with lies they just grow and grow and you can easily lose track of what lie to you told and to whom and this only gets you into more trouble. It’s just not worth it in the end. So because of all of this, I use the value of honesty everyday and everywhere as often as I can.

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