Honesty in Relationships

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Sometimes honesty is not the best policy in a relationship.
I disagree with this statement because personally I think that honesty is the most important characteristic in a relationship. I disagree with this statement because I believe that when it comes to a relationship both the partners should be able to confide to each other and trust that the other person will be able to take it. I believe that once the lies are out there, whether or not it was meant to happen, the two people will separate anyways. The main issue that I think is that people do not want to hurt their partner. And this idea of not wanting to hurt the other person stops them from speaking at all, which causes the relationships to be built on false premises. First of all, I do get that sometimes honesty hurts and sometimes holding back information is a good thing, but in order to avoid that from happening, people should form a firm foundation for their relationship. If you build a relationship that understands the need for honesty, then when you are honest, your intent will over-ride the pain and do more good than harm. Also, I think that honesty in a relationship helps you know how the other person is feeling at all times and you do not miss anything important. Secondly, the real value of being honest in a relationship is that it inspires trust and sincerity. This is important as if we cannot trust the ones closest to us then we cannot rely on them during our time of stress. It leaves us filled with doubt rather than filled with confidence. And it gradually eats at the relationship until it is completely destroyed. Therefore, I believe that honesty is always the best policy in a relationship.
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