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  • Published : March 12, 2012
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Assignment Honest Tea- Corporate Social Responsibility due Tues February 28 Please watch an online video. The video shows how one company, Honest Tea, takes social responsibility seriously and works to apply it at several levels business-wide. To watch the video you can either: 1- Click on the link below. 2- Copy and paste the link. 3- Highlight the link, click on the right mouse key and select open hyperlink. 4- Highlight the link, press the Ctrl key + click to follow the link to the online video http://media.pearsoncmg.com/ph/bp/bp_mylabs/akamai/template/video720x405.php?title=Management%20Company%20Cases%20-%20%20Honest%20Tea-%20%20Corporate%20Social%20Responsibility%20&clip=pandc/bp/2012/MGMT/OBPOM/OBPOM2012_HonestTea_CSR.mov&caption=bp/bp_mylabs/akamai/2012/MGMT/OBPOM/xml/OBPOM2012_HonestTea_CSR.xml After watching the video please provide answers to the following multiple choice questions:

1. What is Seth Goldman’s official title at Honest Tea?
a.TEO and COO c.President and CEO
b. President and TEO d.CEO and COO
Answer: (b)

2. In what year did the company begin producing organic tea? a. 1999 c. 2006
b. 2001d. 2009
-Answer (a)

3. Which of the following is NOT a reason Goldman gives for starting Honest Tea? a. His tea has an affect on agriculture in America.
b. His product offers something different to the market.
c. He thinks of himself as an activist.
d. He inherited the company from his father.
-Answer (d)

4. According to Goldman, which of the following decisions is the BEST choice for a company trying to achieve social responsibility? a.Encouraging environmentalism in all production
b.Focusing on where the money is spent
c.Reevaluating company practices every two years
d.Challenging all employees to participate in charity work Answer (b)

5.Suppose a small, organic foods company called Good for You is approached by a large, non-organic company (Kraft) with an offer to increase...
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