Honda Motors Research

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History of Honda motors:

Honda Motor Co Ltd is one of the prime car manufacturers. Honda motors produce a wide variety of product like sports cars, generators, small engines, hi tech powerful engines, pumps, motor bikes, scooters, and general purpose cars.

Honda Motor was established in 1949. Honda Motors built on dreams. The company has the capital of ¥ 110 billion and it has the global network of more than 440 subsidiaries. Honda Motor Co Ltd is primarily concerned with manufacturing of hi tech powerful engines, high performance motor bikes, sports cars as well as general purpose cars. Honda Motor is famous for construct inventive ideas which create superior mobility and reimbursement of the civilization to assemble the needs of customers’ worldwide. It is good to have the research and development centers, best of sales networks, and manufacturing facilities in all the areas of company. As a community we make every attempt to address imperative environmental and safety measures and corporate social responsibility. Relating to the individual reflects astonishing nature with the capability of each and every human being, credulous each person as one and the same co-worker in order to execute the best in every situation. By maintaining a pervasive view point worldwide, Honda Motor dedicated to provide products of highest quality at a reasonable price for the world wide consumers.

Following are some of the resolutions taken by the management of Honda motor:

1. Intelligent and full of value of inspection and make an effort to do the best. 2. Approbation of sound hypothesis, develop brand new thoughts and make the most proficient use of that event. 3. Take delight in work and endorse open communication.

4. Make every effort all the time for a pleasant-sounding flow of work. 5. Always carry on with desire and youthfulness

As the things are seen from a comprehensive view point, it always finds out to engender and produce the products at the greatest quality and at a sensible cost for worldwide client indulgence. The power of Honda's dreams will carry on foremost to new deep perception of a situation and technologies in power products, automobile industry, motorcycles, motor parts and supplementary field of mobility.It is important to develop a product or technology in the cars which is globally acclaimed to deal with a rapidly escalating worldwide economy. [pic]Honda has the power to perceive by sight the world all through the eyes of dreamers. Because we are a corporation which is founded by a dreamer and it's our duty to distribute these dreams with others and to make them sensible.  

Dreams motivate us to produce revolutionary products that perk up individual mobility and support the community. [pic]We see the voyage of unfeasible thoughts as an empowering potency, capable of producing pioneering thoughts. Honda encourages each of its acquaintances to follow their dreams. [pic]We observe "The supremacy of imaginings" as a way of conventional wisdom that guides us and pushes us forward. The power of Honda Corporation comes from this attitude — which is based on the visionary principles of our inventor, Soichiro Honda.


The South Asian market includes several nations such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines with an annual sales figure of around 2 to 3 million units approximately.

[pic]It is our main liability to serve up for the people from beginning to the end of the omnipresent attribute of genuine and unwavering quality of being fixed in place as by some rigid attachment for the purpose of helping the surroundings and endow with security. In every inoculation we attempt by employing effort to be a set of congregation so that the people all over the world will like to keep on active. We see a bright vision provide with a combustible substance that provides energy by the Power of Dreams in Honda Motors.

To maintain the position in the global car market Honda Motor should...
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