Honda Hybrid Cars

Topics: Hydrogen vehicle, Electric vehicle, Internal combustion engine Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Assignment 1
1-) Are hybrid electrical vehicles a radical innovation or an incremental innovation? Are they competence enhancing or competence destroying, and from whose perspective? How would you answer these questions for fuel cell vehicles? * First of all, in order to answer that question, means of radical innovation and incremental innovation should be understood clearly. Radical innovation’s mean is that producing new product which does not exist before and incremental innovation means that changing or enhancing the existing product. At that point, if hybrid electrical vehicles are considered as examples to understand that they are radical innovation or incremental innovation and we can say that they are not new for the industry because Toyota made first market hybrid cars. That is why; electrical vehicles can be taken as the example of incremental innovation. If we consider fuel cell vehicles for the same question, we can easily say that they are radical innovations because they are new in the industry. 2-) What factors do you think influence the rate at which hybrid electric vehicles are adopted by consumers? In order to understand the factors in the USA, we should look at dates carefully. There was a big crises in 12 February 2001 in the USA and in this crises, costs of fuel increased and also there were many apprehension about pollution. That is why; people may want to buy hybrid electrical vehicles. After 2001, the rate is increasing. Moreover, table 3.1 can be taken as the kind of S-curves and with the high performance and high effort can help to reach the limits of technology.

3-) What would be the advantages and disadvantages of Honda and Toyota using the same engine standards? If Honda and Toyota choose to use same engine standards with each other, there can be both advantages and disadvantages. Initially, they can do collaboration with each other and they try to enhance their technologies when they are using same standards. In this way,...
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