Honda Company Business Plan

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Sameen Kukar
professor- Steven Saltzman

Table of Contents
Customers and Competitors
Human Resources
Code of Ethics
Information and Technology
Leadership and Motivation

Executive Summary.
Sochrio Honda was the founder of the Honda Company. He spent Six years as an apprentice in Tokyo Service Station. In 1931 after opening his own repair shop he received a patent from for metal spokes that replaced wood in wheels. In1937 Honda started a piston ring Company and during 2nd world war because of the bombing in Japan and earthquakes most of his factories and manufacturing units were destroyed. In 1946 Honda began motorizing bicycles and later with the help of popularity in bicycles they began making engines and the company soon started it journey towards a bright and successful future. The company was regaining its name with the every step they took in their business. Soon the company was named as Honda motor Company in 1949.

The company was introduced in the American market in 1959 and was formed in Los Angeles. The company was named as American Honda Motor Corp. in America. The board of directors criticized Sochrio Honda for Investing in America rather then investing in Europe and other Asian countries, but Honda realized the potential in American market and soon his decision for investing in America came out to be one of the best decisions of his life. The demand for Honda cars was increasing everyday in the American market due to their smooth functioning and technological advancements. Honda established more new factories overseas and began producing light weight trucks, sports cars and mini cars. The era for globalization started for Honda Company.

Honda Motor is the second largest Automobile manufacturing company in Japan after Toyota. The company’s car models include the Honda Accord, CR-V and the very famous Honda Civic. Except automobiles the Company also started manufacturing Atv’s and personal watercrafts. The Company also makes commercial and residential machinery and inverters. About 80% of the sales for the Honda Company is from overseas, The company has been facing downfalls many times, but never gave and always recovered from all the downfalls it has faced. Honda is one of the leading and most famous Company and will easily surpass the present competitive market to be the leading company in its sector.

Customers And Competitors

Honda Company establishes a long time relationship with its customers. The company always uses Proactive approach to provide satisfaction to its customers. Honda products are mainly chosen by new generation. Its main customers are mostly 20-25 years old. The main competitors of Honda Company are Ford, Toyota and Harley Davidson. The value proposition is the safety for everyone, environmental leadership and joy of mobility that company provides to its customers. Honda operates its business mainly in 4 segments. The four main segments are Automobiles, Motorbikes and Financial services. The company operates in a competitive market and has an oligopoly structure. Honda operates worldwide through 390 subsidiaries and 105 affected companies.

Human Resource Human resource is one of the most important factors in the business. Honda recruits its employees from several and contrasting backgrounds. Honda gives more importance on working in teams as professionals. The line workers are most important employees hired by Honda Company, which are used mainly in their assembly lines. The professionals and line workers are the main two types of human resources company focuses on. The Company tries to prevent...
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