Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) Resume

Topics: Employment, Con te partirò, Skill Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Being a student trainee is one of my good and memorable experiences in my college life. Everything was a “First time”.

It’s my first time to submit a formal resume in a huge and known company which is Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI); To Undergo actual job interview with a real interviewee; Had job orientation, plant tour, borrowed uniforms from the company, issued temporary ID, etc.; My first time to introduce myself to the whole department and group I’m assigned or endorse to.

As a student trainee, we are schedule to report on HCPI from Mondays to Wednesday. I woke up five in the morning to prepare and come early for the shuttle service.

I experience being left by the shuttle, riding a wrong one which led me to drop by at Star Mall Alabang instead of Balibago. It’s my first time to experience working 10 hours a day in 3 day a week. It’s my first time to use a machine where I should punch my Time Card (DTR). I experience answering phone calls, to use a new system that I’m not familiar with, to sort thick warranty papers, etc. I experience and learned to use each and every office tools that was needed in my tasks, though sometimes I failed to use it properly. In tough times, I experience tiredness, being sleepy in working hours and being hungry because I didn’t take my meal just to finish my work quickly. But all of these are worth it, because I received my Monthly Allowance which I gain working 10 hours a day in 3 days a week.

At HCPI, They used to work hard for the sake of the company and its associates or employee.

It is my first time to work in an actual workplace without any idea of my jobs flow. But my superior is there and guided me in some sort of task. There, I experience rush hour, do some task that was not under my fields. I experience to finish my task quickly because it’s time to go home. Sometimes, I experience the pressure of not having enough time to finish my work. I also experience to go under time because of some problems or...
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