Honda's Business Plan

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Business planning is the process of creating goals for a company and strategies to meet those goals. Business plan is required by the Company that have large-scale to reach their goals with some of strategies that called strategy plan. To reach their goals, they have to make a plan for their strategy business and it called strategy planning . For the sample we wrote about business plan of Honda Company. And it will tell us about how much this business plan have an influence for the growth and development of the company. BUSINESS PLAN OF HONDA COMPANY

The focused company for the business plan proposal is Honda Company as there shows market growth and stability in terms of business operations and management, implying assumptions for better finances for balancing sales and profits and adopting to a suitable and conducive business milieu for Honda’s management board, employees, target groups as well as customer base ranges. The five levels of strategy of Honda company

Enterprise Strategy
The Mission Statement of Honda is try to maintain a global point of view, with the dedication to supply the highest quality products at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. Moreover, taking new challenges with the pursuit of Initiative, Technology and Quality, Honda is pursuing their 2010 Vision: Striving to be a company society wants to exist through creating new value, globalization, and commitment for the future. Corporate Strategy

Automobile Industry – Superior Fuel economy – Optimum safety – Driving Pleasure – World wide Motorcycle Industry – Build product close to customer – 28 plant, 21 countries, R&D 6 countries Power Business – First business of Honda – Expanded – 11 plant, 9 countries, sold 156 countries, used by 5.5M people – ASIMO – Honda jet Business Strategy

• “The Joy of Selling” - Dealership – Create inspiring experience for its customers – Response to changing value – Increasingly complicated needs of customers – => Improve customer relations • Friendly and attentive sales

• Responsive service support
• Thorough maintenance and repair – => “Life with Honda” Operational Strategy
• Divide 6 administrative regional group
• Pursue independence of local management and sales operations • Operate under conduct guidelines => keep evaluating and risk managing • High level of transparency
Individual Strategy
• “The Three Joys” are:
- The Joy of Buying
- The Joy of Selling, Not only relationship ,but feel pride by positive relationship – The Joy of Producing, Pride in exceeding the customer expectation

Organizational Process Of Honda Company
– Organization culture
– Innovation Management
Organization culture
It respects for the Individual and The Three Joys
“Respects for the Individual”: - Initiative: Encouraging creative thinking - Equality: Fairly treating
- Trust: Good relationship between employees
Innovation Management
• Honda Developing new technologies of manufacturing system. • It also Building environmentally responsible and people-friendly plants. Managing people
- Environmental training
- Ensuring diversity in employment
Environmental training
• Part of Honda’s training curriculum
• Deepen associates’ understanding about Honda’s policy toward environmental • Training programs are continuously provided to associates • Promote activities focusing on energy and resource conservation and recycling Ensuring diversity in employment

• Provide human rights education, based on Honda’s principal of respect for individual • Opendoor employment policy, hiring based on individual merit • Employ people with disabilities
• Reemploy retirees, create opportunities for those who reach the retirement age of 60 Soichiro Honda’s Business Strategies For Growing His Small Business Into Global Corporation How was Honda, an ordinary apprentice boy, able to create the multi billion dollars business empire that the Honda Motor...
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