Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, Hanging Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Bullying Homosexuals Leads to Suicide
What I already knew/What I wanted to Know?
You’re a teenager in high school and a homosexual, who is scared to come out, because you fear what others may think about you. Eventually you began to feel like a fraud, because you’re hiding your true identity from those you care about, so you build up the courage and confidently tell everyone that you are a homosexual. When this news is revealed you began to be treated like an outcast. Your parents are continuously telling you that being a homosexual is a sin, that being attracted to the same sex in not normal, that you need to see a therapist, and that you’re just confused; while, those who you claimed as your friends have stopped talking to you, told the entire school that you are a homosexual, and have befriended other in taunting you. Through all of this negativity, you began to feel unsure of yourself, but attempt to lift your spirits by chanting “you are strong, you are normal; you are confident, ignore them.” Your words of encouragement no longer help, and suicide becomes an option. You have thought of committing suicide many times and have tried five times, but never go through with it, because you do not want to upset anyone. However, after suffering for eight months you can no longer deal with the bullying and one morning create a video explaining why you have decided to kill yourself? Once you’re finished your explanation you keep the video camera running walk towards to the chair, step on it, put your head through the rode, and take two steps off the chair until you are hanging off, gasping for air and within thirty seconds your dead. Every day, a homosexual is being bullied because of his sexuality and unable to handle the characteristics of being bullied he commits suicide, and those who bully are left unaware the impact bulling has on someone emotonally.

Before starting this paper, I knew that homosexual bullying and suicide was a major issue in urban society...
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