Homosexuality Paper

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  • Published : September 6, 2010
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The changes in the views in homosexuality
The current world has seen a fundamental change in the imagery and perception of human sexuality. Indebted in this aspect is the broad portfolio of the moral aspect that is governed by various sexual relationships such as homosexuality, lesbianism and opposite sex relationships. Within the same scenario, there have consistently been wide frame changes on the ideals and provisions that basically underlie such different sexual orientations. By and larger, homosexuality remains a fundamental articulation in the human society with its consideration and connotation carrying a widely changing phenomena.

Homosexuality has basically been viewed from different angles which have consequently yielded a diversely argumentative debate on the legitimacy of the relationship. Unlike the traditional view on the same where homosexuality was viewed as socially bad and inadequate, the current social structures have undergone through a series of revolutions resulting into perpetual acceptance and incorporation of the act as an ethical human conduct. In the recent past, the subject matter of homosexuality has hit the headlines of letters, columns and presentations based on human sexuality (Crowley, 2004, p.727). The same has however been shadowed on a controversial analysis where the society has been divided into two blocks, the opposing and the proposing side.

Conceptually, the classical changes in the domains of homosexuality can be viewed and internalized from the consequential implication of the widely erupting significance in the acceptance and incorporation of the same in the societal sexual paradigms. Traditionally, homosexuality was barely viewed as a suboptimal procedure that worked to undermine human sexuality and more so an activity that was unworthy to engage in. The contemporary society condemned homosexuality from its corresponding argumentation on the state of inadequacy and compromise to the outstanding realms of...