Homosexuality in the Military

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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When it comes to the controversial topic of homosexuality in the military there are two extremely fascinating sides to the story. Although there are many strong arguments in regard to this subject, I have chosen the ones which I find most compelling. If forming a fair opinion is what one seeks, it is absolutely imperative that every angle of each argument is carefully examined. Currently in place is the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that our legislature has implemented as a guideline for the military concerning who may or may not serve in our military. It is my personal belief that all men and women that are citizens of the United States are entitled to serve in the armed forces. Anything to the contrary to this notion would violate our constitution and basic human rights. While society has grown to be more embracing of different lifestyles we still witness discrimination towards homosexuals. The Army has been notorious for their intense focus on organization, regulation and obedience and some fear that openly permitting and accepting gay men and women will promote romantic relationships. A major worry is that openly gay men in the military will increase the chance of straight men participating in homosexual activities. Other reservations might arise based on the idea that most heterosexual troops might feel uncomfortable in the presence of their openly homosexual counterparts during routine activities such as showering. On a grander scale some have gone as far as saying homosexuality is not only wrong but immoral and should be banned from the military altogether. We've had gays discretely serving in our military since the very beginning and they have served proudly and capably. I think we should recognize that fact and move on. “The official justification for the current policy is the unit cohesion rationale, which states that military performance would decline if known gay and lesbian soldiers were...
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