Homosexuality in the Bridegroom

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  • Published : November 6, 2010
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The situation of Homosexuality in China is quite indefinite, although it has been recorded in the dynastic history, These days, “tongzi” and “geil” used as slang in Chinese language; it is considered of unpleasant used by homosexuals. On other hand, we know Eastern culture is different from the Western one on society and people understandably. In the Asian countries often society effects on the way people thinking. The Bridegroom written by Ha Jin is a good example for the Western readers who have chance to take a journey back to contemporary China by showing conflicts between the value of the society and individual preference. The story starts off with the narrator by Old Cheng; He’s telling us that he promised to take care of his friend’s daughter after he passed away. This daughter Beina, the bride is described a quickly “homely” and “short”. Old Cheng starts worrying about her future if she would “end up as and old maid”(xx) when she reached 23 without a boyfriend. It is sound strange to the readers. In the China every single Chinese girl had to get married at every young age to give born to children and take care of their husband. Otherwise the society to judge them like odd people and lose face for their parents. That is why she agrees to marry Huang Baowen. He is a “dream boat” unmarried men in the factory. Everyone seems puzzled that a handsome man such as Huang would want to marry someone like Beina, “A hen cooped a peacock” and “A fool always lands in the arms of fortune” (pg 416). Even Old Cheng wondering Baowen really like Beina “fleshy face, globefish”. (pg417) As the story goes the reader hard to understand and confused, everyone wants to know why Baowen had chosen Beina? The author does an unbelievable job on masking the reason for Baowen’s arrest after he had been missing and Beina came to Old Cheng worrying about his absence. It has give reader to guess about which woman he had decided to lay with rather than he was arrested for “indecent...
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