Homosexuality in the Army

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Homosexuality In The Military: Research Proposal

Purpose: The purpose of this research is to understand the pressures homosexual students in ROTC experienced prior and post repeal of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that banned gay men and women from serving in the military. Specifically focusing on how it affected these students academic experience and the dynamics of the relationships they had with their fellow cadets. By expressing my personal experience as a gay cadet in army ROTC at the University of Kansas I hope to provide an alternative point of view from those that have already been studied. As my research is different from others in this way, I can come closer to the truth of my research question. The military has a history of asserting discriminatory policies like DADT that segregate and deprive minorities. How do these policies affect the academic and social prosperity of the students facing this issue? In the following research proposal I will examine peer reviewed articles and books that support my claims and arguments. I will then describe the method and strategy in which I will carry out the research. And finally, I will specify my intended audiences and the goals of my research. Literature Review: In Louis Crompton’s article “Gay and Lesbian Students, ROTC, and the New Rules”, Crompton analyzes many discriminatory and unequal policies that the Department of Defense put in place specifically targeting gay and lesbian soldiers. He states that the laws restricting gay and lesbian individuals from serving in the military also directly affects the safety and futures of college students participating in ROTC. Crompton argues that the homosexual students in ROTC face both social and academic hardship as they transition from an already confusing and awkward time in their lives to the strict ideals of the military. He states, “Awareness of sexual identity is something students usually come to through a slowly developing process. Often it is a...
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