Homosexuality and Sex

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, LGBT Pages: 18 (4572 words) Published: February 27, 2013


A Term Paper
Presented to
the Faculty of the Basic Education Department
Level 2
Siena College, Quezon City


In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Secondary Course


Camille C. Detabali
Abegail Ferrer
March 2012


The researchers would like to acknowledge our friends in 4-St. Thomas Aquinas for sticking
Up with us through the research for information on homosexuality and providing us much needed criticism and ideas.
The researchers would also like to thank my parents; Chito and Verna Detabali for providing us food during our long grueling hours of research in my house and occasionally offering their take on Homosexuality.

And lastly, hundredfold thanks to Ms. May Lastimoza for her undying patience and brilliance in helping us revise our ideas for a more effective research.

Chapter 1


A. Rationale

The researchers chose homosexuality as their topic because they want to furthermore
learn about the lives of homosexuals, and not just the general questions asked but also the more
intimate questions, like family planning and the hazards of their chosen sexuality. In the midst
of their research, they would also tackle the effects of same sex marriage intercourse and the
emotional stability of the adopted children other homosexuals may care for.

B. Statement of the Problem

The researchers want an answer to the following questions: 1. What is the definition of homosexuality?
2. What is homosexuality?
3. What are the effects of same sex relationships?
4. Why is the society determined to discriminate homosexuals? 5. What is the general response of the society to homosexuality

C. Significance of the Study

Studying this matter is important for people, because it’s an eye-opener regarding reality.
As what the researchers see, homosexuality is spread out in almost all parts of the country as
well as all over the world. The researchers’ desire is for the society to accept the fact that third
sex is now part of the community and therefore could lessen the cases of discriminations.
Although homosexuality is sometimes a banned subject in certain countries, the researchers
wants to prove and acknowledge that homosexuals have the right to fight for what they are and
what they believe in. Some People want to sop discrimination, so, let’s start with the ones who
need it the most. Because they have every right to be treated just the way we treat males and
females, given the same amount of respect we give ourselves because, in the eyes of God we
are all equal

D. Scope and Limitations of the Study

The researchers want to cover the following topics: 1. Definition of homosexuality.
2. Meaning of homosexuality.
3. The effects of same sex marriage.
4. Discrimination among homosexuals.
5. The general response of the society about homosexuality.

Chapter 2


I. Definition of Homosexuals

“A typical sexuality characterized by manifestation of sexual desire toward
A member of one’s sex.” (1993, p.1085)

“Homosexuality is a preference for affiliation and sexual activity with a person of the same
sex. The potential for homosexual behavior appears to be a basic part of human sexuality, since
many people experience homosexual interest, curiosity, or activity at some point in their lives.”
(1982, p. 217)

“Gay persons are in every kind of job and are every political persuasion. Some are very
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