Homosexuality and Ridiculous Religion

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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“Religion is detrimental to humanity.” Those are the words that caught my attention in the beginning of the wonderful movie, Religulous. Bill Maher made the perfect documentary on how ridiculous religion really is. Everyone is a victim, which makes it easier for all to see, because it does not just discriminate on only one particular religion. I am aggravated with the bizarre Exchange Ministries in Winter Park, Florida, embarrassed by the powerful senator from Arkansas, and shocked with Holy Land in Orlando, Florida.

First of all, I have never heard of Exchange Ministries in Winter Park. I really want to go meet this homosexual man that is in complete denial. I lost it when I heard for the first time watching this that the man is an ex-gay and his wife is an ex-lesbian and have three children together. What makes me furious is that he has the nerve to say that no one is born gay or is gay. In my opinion, I think one is and how he says gays are incomplete because that are not like him. I would never be able to tell my best friend that homosexuality is a sin, something he cannot help.

Sadly, being a strong Democrat, I am extremely ashamed by Mark Pryor, U.S. Senator from Arkansas. “Faith has a way of softening.” Softening what? I think that faith is just a guide, because religious people cannot handle taking care of themselves so they need something to “guide” them to a positive result. And why would I have someone that says that senators do not take an IQ test to get in running the United States of America. Being a registered voter, it is shameful and frightening.

Next, somewhere else that is just around the corner, Holy Land! I have seen it so many times; on my way to someplace that I think is a tad more interesting, the Mall at Millenia. Frequently, I noticed that some groups that Bill went to asked him what if he is wrong? Yet, I’m thinking, why don’t they ask themselves that? It does not make sense at all. I feel like Holy Land is a slap in...
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