Homosexuality and Religion

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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At the basis of most religious conflicts are the attitudes of certain groups regarding social and moral issues. Very recently, one such issue that has create a significant amount of debate is the great question of whether or not homosexuality or homosexual practices are a sin and whether or not they are contradictions against the laws of nature, humanity, and God.

Since realty times in world’s history there have been records of homosexuality. The early Greeks tolerated it, while the Romans equated it with treason and sacrilege and called for capital punishment.1 It has been a long and ponderous debacle that has never really been so scandalous as it is today. In today’s contemporary society we are almost confronted daily with reports or personal accounts of individuals who aggressively protest for the complete eradication of homosexuality from society and culture. At the same time there are those who heartily wish to defend their rights and demand that their lifestyle be respected and left alone. What is more appalling is the fact that some churches have taken to encouraging the members of their congregation to take a firm stand against homosexuality and do whatever they can to stop the spread of it. One author comments that the church, just at it stands for race discrimination, should stand for unenlightened sexual discrimination. 2 Some churches have even encourage violence towards homosexual groups which fortunately is now more firmly being regulated by law enforcers. Nonetheless, the question still remains of what is the basis for this hate? Does God , or any revered deity, truly condemn those who show sexual deviance? Often, a religious group’s spiritual book is quoted as proof of the supposed evil of homosexuality. Some claim that The Bible, for instance, openly express God’s disgust for homosexual acts. Others argue that The Bible can be rather vague or can be read in different manners leaving open for many interpretations. What ever the case may be the...
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