Homosexuality and Glee

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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If a person knew that he/she had missed out on an amazing opportunity, he/she would continuously ask himself/herself the timeless question, “What if?” Although this question comes to mind throughout a person’s life, most people choose to take chances to avoid missing opportunity. Glee is a television series that should not be missed, but acquired and applied to everyday life. Cancellation of the show would not be favorable for the viewers, whether their reason for watching has to do with the music, the lessons behind the show, or the fact that their lives correspond to the characters. Fox should not eliminate Glee because it is a successful, relatable, and and inspirational show.

First off, Glee is a success. Every new episode relases a soundtrack through the iTunes store. With that, Columbia Records released a number of Glee albums. Along with nine million album sales, fans not only enjoy the show itself, but the music that comes with it. In addition, the merchandise includes DVD and Blu-Ray releases, a book series, an iPad application, and a karaoke game for the Wii. Fans are giving Glee the attention the producers of the show deserve for their hard work. The show’s first season was nominated for nineteen Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, six Satellite Awards, and fifty-seven others. Glee is too great of a source of entertainment to be eliminated by Fox.

The characters of the show all have different roles that relate to each of their viewers. One character, Kurt, is a homosexual. Although he had no problem showing his colors at school, he found it difficult to admit his homosexuality to his father. After finally telling his father, Kurt felt relieved to know that he had his father’s support. This shows that gay people should take a risk and not hide who they are. Instead of having a lower self-esteem, homosexuals would be more confident instead. Another character in the show is Quinn, a victim of unplanned teenage...
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