Homosexual Parenting Can Be Harmful

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  • Published: March 13, 2011
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Homosexual Parenting Can Be Harmful
To Child Development
Carmenchita McCoy-Johnson
Strayer University

We have and still are passing through a very turbulent period of history, and the traditional idea of what a family used to be is becoming extinct. Divorces, separations, single mothers, adopted children have given new meaning to the word family, and the latest deviations to join the group are gay parenting. No matter how broad minded a person may be, there is a possibility that even though some people may support all of the above mentioned cases of different family types, when it comes to gay parenting we should start having doubts. This research essay will delve into the issue of gay parenting and try to understand the implications for the most important part of a family, which is the child. It is impossible to start commenting on the issue of gay parenting before addressing the issue of homosexuality. Homosexuals have been struggling for years to get the world to accept them in the same way that we readily accept heterosexuals. The state of California has become a trendsetter in this regard because of two men, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen who planned to re-package homosexuality. RealWomenca.com explained that their goal is to get society to not view homosexuals as “immoral” human beings. It has been known for quite some time that homosexuals are desirous of having society accept their ways and behavior pattern as we do heterosexuals, and they would like us to recognize that they are just as important to a society as heterosexuals (2007). “Hence homosexuals were portrayed as a normal bunch of people and not like the exhibitionists or drag queens as they were seen earlier. It made a lot of difference in the public perception, judiciary and in the political arena. It seemed as if supporting the gay community was seen as the next best liberal thing to do. In spite of all this religious bodies were always against it” (RealWomenca.com, 2007).

A typical family has a mother, father, and, maybe, children. Religion supports this idea as it also confirms what has been said in the Scriptures. According to Ephesians, (1995) chapter 5 verse 31, "for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and the two shall be one flesh.” This scripture most definitely does not make reference to two pair of men, or two pair of women. It clearly infers a “man and woman.” Accordingly, a Christian faith marriage, as we have known it for years, has always been between a man and a woman. Any slight deviation from such is definitely abhorred as blasphemy. The lifestyle of homosexuality and parenting of children shall never be fully acceptable by anyone, as this style of living will always have a dark shadow following it with an invisible sign attached reading immorality. The fact that homosexuals continue to live as a family with children is still and always will be very controversial. Ideally, heterosexuals shall learn to live with it things never change. The question ofwhether homosexuals are to continue forming their sect of families, including the rearing of children, has been a long drawn out battle. This battle has been thrown every which kind of way, including being dragged through the public consciousness for political mileage by certain people and by the media with a pseudo idealistic approach to the issue. The reality of the situation and social acceptance is not seen in the public eye, however, but only if it happened in one’s own household.

A lot of people have conducted extensive and laborious research in order to find the reasons behind homosexual orientation. Some believe that it is due to the combination of biological and environmental factors. Ms. Harren wrote, "Human behavior is determined by both nature and nurture. Without genes, you can't act in the environment at all. But without the environment your genes have nothing on which to act" (Harren, 2008; Whitehead...
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