Homophobia Research Paper

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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When you think about changes that could make the world a better place, the possibilities are endless. There are so many problems, from cancer, to terrorism, to world hunger. But you could always try to narrow down those problems to the problems that you see everyday. You could help by starting smaller, and building up towards larger goals to change the world for the better. A good way to start changing the world is with an everyday problem. A problem that could simply be stopped or protested, like homophobia.

Homophobia is the unreasoning fear of or antipathy (deep-seated feeling of dislike) toward homosexuals and homosexuality. Think about that. Americans fearing other Americans for their lifestyle choices, and for who they choose to love. Everyday people choose who they love, and make different choices for their own lives, so why should certain people be judged for the choices they make? “Homophobia is destructive to individuals, society and the planet and as long as anyone is oppressed, we will all remain oppressed” (Gordon Clay). It is the year 2013, no one should have to be judged, or hide who they truly are.

Homophobia affects the lives of innocent people everyday. “75% of people committing hate crimes are under age 30 - one in three are under 18 - and some of the most pervasive anti-gay violence occurs in schools”("Statistics about Homophobia"). One in three people under the age of eighteen pursue hate crimes, and the damage that they cause to these innocent people is even worse. The things that happen in our society such as hate crimes, and “gay bashing” are sickening. Especially by the ages of people who commit these horrible crimes. Homophobic bullying impacts youth in a large way. Homosexuality in youth has shown a number of different outcomes that change and ruin lives, due to the others around them. LGBTQ teens are more likely to experience physical and sexual abuse, harassment in school, and discrimination in their community. They...
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