Topics: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Gay Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Rich Grant
MR. Wellington
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The term homophobia might be fairly new in terms of it being used in a regular day conversation, but the feelings of dislike and fear of gays have been around for too long.  Homophobia is a social problem.  What makes this problem a social problem?  It has affected numerous amounts of people in a harmful way.  In society many view gays or lesbians as sinners and treat them like they are inhuman.  Most of society has prejudices that they do not realize.  They end up treating gays and lesbians unfairly and feel that they are doing nothing wrong.  Hate crimes are a huge result of homophobia.  Gays and lesbians have their property trashed, are yelled at, and sometimes killed because of their sexual preference.  Why has this happened?  And what can be done to change it?  Or should this behavior be accepted in America?       There is good reason why society is scared of homosexuality being accepted in America.  One main reason homosexuals are looked down upon is because of religion.  The main purpose of having sex is to reproduce.  And when homosexuals take part in sexual behavior it is not to reproduce.  This issue is explained in reading 26 of the social reader.  “Because homosexuality, by its nature, is nonreproductive, it posits a sexuality that is justified by pleasure alone.”  (Bronski 251)  So from the religious sense they are sinners.  Homosexuality is looked at to be out of the norm.  And many societies do not accept that.  Of course people are going to fear the unknown.  Immediately thoughts of fear come in to the minds of people.  They do not understand why gays and lesbians are different and why they are different from the common person.        How has a sense of fear turn into hate?  Society’s fear of the unknown for example, homophobia, also brings a fear of a change in society.  Many people are scared that homosexuals may become widely accepted and the new norm.  This then causes...
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