Homonymy in English

Topics: Lexical semantics, Meaning of life, Homonym Pages: 4 (1052 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Homonymy in English
The learning objectives: after you have studied the lecture you should be able to speak on the following: 1. Homonyms, its etymology, definition.
2. Classification of homonyms.
3. Sources of homonyms.
4. Relationship among polysemy, homonymy and synonymy.
Seminar on Homonymy and Polysemy:
Consider your answer to the following:
1) Antrushina G.B. and others “English lexicology”, M., 1999. Pp. 166-182. Do exercises 1, 2, (8 sent), 4, 5, 7, (6 sent), 8 p. 182
2) Kasheeva “Practical Lexicology”, pp. 39-40

Homonyms (from Gr. “homos” means “the same”, “omona” means “name”) are the words, different in meaning and either identical both in sound and spelling or identical only in spelling or sound. The most widely accepted classification of them is following: 1. Homonyms proper (or perfect homonyms)

2. Homophones
3. Homographs

1. Homonyms proper are words identical in pronunciation and spelling: a) “Ball” as a round object used in game, “ball” as a gathering of people for dancing; b) “Bark” v to utter sharp explosive cries; “bark” n is a noise made by dog or a sailing ship, etc. “Bay” v is to bark; “bay” n is a part of the sea or the lake filling wide mouth opening of the land, or the European laurel[1], or гнедая лошадь. You should remember, that homonyms are distinct words – not different meanings within one word. 1. Homophones are words of the same sound, but of different meaning, for example: “Air” – “heir”, “arms” – “alms”, “bye” – “buy” – “by”, “him” – “hymn”, “knight” – “night”, “rain” – “reign”, “not” – “knot”, “or” – “ore” – “oar”, “piece” – “peace”, “scent” – “cent”, “steal” – “steel” – “still”, “write” – “right”, “sea” – “see”, “son” – “sun”. In the sentence: “The play-write on my right thinks it that some conventional rite[2] should symbolize the right of every man to write as he pleases” the sound complex [rait] is...
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