Homocide Detective

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: April 21, 2011
John Williams

The criminal justice system has so many areas that interest me. The area that interests me the most is homicide. The reason being is because growing up I use to watch TV shows such as the first 48, Law and Order, and New York City Undercover. These TV shows showed how the criminal justice system works. Some of these shows accurately tell stories of homicide and how law enforcment officers handle the case. I have always been interested in becoming a homicide detective simply so that I can help victims and their family has justice. I feel like the death of a loved one or friend is even harder to deal with when the person who murdered them is still walking the streets. I hope to one day show people that even though the criminal justice system has a lot of flaws it still is a system that is for the people.

Many people believe that the criminal justice system is unfair and sometimes doesn’t even work. To me, it does work but law enforcement agencies have to keep progressing and not reclining. One of the major things I like about the criminal justice system is that suspects are innocent until proven guilty. To me this phrase helps remind us that everyone still has the right to a fair trial. I think if the criminal justice system didn’t have this phrase a lot of innocent people would be behind bars especially people of color. We as the people often times forget that criminals are human beings and deserve to have a fair trial no matter what the crime is. I feel like in today’s society our system has made some huge strides with fair and speed trails but we still have a lot to work on.

The biggest reason I like our criminal justice system is that it provides a lot of jobs and it helps keep our economy stable. Many law enforcement agencies offer you a job as soon as you graduate from college and provide stable income for you. Lots of jobs dealing with the criminal justice system allows you to climb the ladder as high as you want. What I mean is it...
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