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In this essay I am going to be talking about the different aspects of Jamie Oliver’s language and how he adapts and uses these language features in his TED speech.Jamie Oliver successfully uses many language devices in order to help him communicate with his audience. I will be looking at Oliver’s and examining how effective it is and also some features of spontaneous speech, which are shown in the speech.Firstly, I am going to look at Jamie Oliver’s planned and prepared language that he uses. Oliver has obviously taken time to adapt his lexis to suit his American audience.Phrases such as “health care bills” and “dollars” are some examples of this. Using these Americanisms would ensure that his audience understands the full message that he is trying to put across to them. If he used phrases such as “pounds” it would weaken the emphasis he is making he could not have full communication with his audience, as they would struggle to understand the extent of his message. Next, there is a strong display of socialect and idiolect in Jamie Oliver’s spontaneous speech. This shows that even though he has adapted some of his lexis and thought about what he is going to say, he often switches to spontaneous speech and his socialect and idiolect come through. An example of this is “ ain't”. As this is a very-English word, it shows that this would be part of Oliver’s spontaneous speech.However it may also have been planned as it shows that even though he is trying to adapt to suit his audience he may have used “ain’t” to keep his identity and also make his speech more engaging.Pauses are a common prosodic feature in Jamie Oliver’s speech. Often used subconsciously, they are slight breaks in speech that can be used in spontaneous speech for the speaker to think about what they are going to say next, but also can be planned in order to add effect. An example of are long pause is “let’s be honest guys,(0.5) you ain't got that cash.” This is a clear example of using pauses to add...
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