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Topics: Health care, Risk management, Management Pages: 4 (997 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Homework Week 1

1) Define the steps in the risk management process.
There are 5 steps involved in risk management. 1) risk identification, 2) risk analysis, 3) risk control, 4) treatment, and 5) risk financing. Risk identification is the identification of the cause or causes of an accidental loss. Risk analysis is the examination of risk management techniques or methods in order to prevent future accidental losses. Risk contril is developing the besy risk manaegemtn techniques and methods. Risk treatment is the actual implementation of these risk management techniques. Risk financing is monitoring the results of the techniques in order to determine how effective they are.

2) Discuss the relationship between quality patient care and quality management in risk management. Risk management and quality care are two different health care activities that have functions that can overlap. “When that overlap occurs, their purposes and methods are almost indistinguishable” (). In fact the main difference between the two is that risk management is mainly geared towards protecting financial assets. A close working relationship between RM and QA are important and integrating the two can achieve better results. In fact, “a requirement of the JCAHO mandates that hospitals seeking approval have programs that link risk management and quality assurance” ().

3) Explain how JCAHO was formed and its responsibilities.
JCAHO was formed in January of 1989 by different health care orginizations that came together in order to ensure each and every hospital is following the standars in quality care. Almost like a group of different health institutions monitoring themselves. It is JCAHO’s responsibility to check om hospitals or health institutions and observe how they are doing in regards to quality care and risk management. JCAHO offers a quality check for each and every hospital that is available for anyone to view on the internet.

4) Give examples of the...
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