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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Success in Online Learning

NURS 6003, Section 10, Success Strategies in the Master of Science Program in Nursing Online Environment March 28, 2011

An online learning environment can be new to some students (Watkins, R., & Corry, M., 2009). To be successful in the online environment, there are strategies that can help. The purpose of this paper is to present two strategies for success in an online learning environment. Scheduling time to complete coursework

In order to be successful, time should be scheduled to complete required coursework such as course readings, discussions, and applications. Scheduling time prevents procrastination, a detriment to success. According to Killion, Reilly, and Gallagher-Lepak, scheduling weekly blocks of time leads to establishing a learning routine and helps students to “get into a rhythm”. (Killion, Reilly, & Gallagher-Lepak, paragraph 19). Scheduling time is one strategy to enhance success in an online learning environment. Studying in an effective environment

In addition to scheduling time to complete coursework, an effective study environment is also important. For example, a study environment should be quiet, clutter free, and contain resources that are readily available (Watkins, R., & Corry, M., 2009). Moreover, it is important to eliminate anything that can cause a distraction in the study environment such as a television or turned on cell phone (Scarlett, K., 2009). An effective study environment will contribute to learning success. Summary

Success is within everyone’s reach in an online learning environment. Strategies such as scheduling time to complete coursework and a study environment that’s effective will aid in achieving success. An online learning environment can be a challenge; however, challenges can be overcome when effective strategies are employed.

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