Topics: Employment, Jury, Discrimination Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: February 22, 2013
A reader sent the following story to a newspaper question and answer forum: I was fired recently by my employer, an architecture firm, immediately after serving for one month on a federal grand jury. From the moment I informed my boss … I was harassed … and told I was not putting the company first. I was told to get out of my jury service, “or else.” … I was fired exactly one week after my service ended.127 Was the dismissal of this at-will employee lawful? Explain.

Well honestly we don’t have enough information about what happened or if he was missing work or a bad employee or anything no papers he signed or nothing but from what I read yes it is lawful I mean they can fire you any given time they want with no reason whatsoever just like you can terminate whenever you like with no justification but then again I do think there are laws that prevent your employer from firing you for jury duty I am assuming that’s what this is

John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital excluded all job applicants whose weight exceeded the maximum desirable weight (based on Metropolitan Life’s actuarial survey) for large-framed men and women plus 30 percent of that weight. Sandra Murray claimed she was denied a job as a respiratory therapist because her height-to-weight ratio did not meet the guidelines. Murray did not claim to be morbidly obese. a. Explain the plaintiff’s argument.

Well her argument is simple she is filing for discrimination because of the rule they have about weight requirements they have and she is saying they discriminated against her weight even though she passes all other requirements of the job also for the fact she was black. “On June 5, 1995, Plaintiff Murray filled out an EEOC `Employment Discrimination Complaint Questionnaire' alleging that Grady intentionally discriminated against her because of her race (black) and disability (excessive weight). Exhibit 1. Regarding her race claim, Plaintiff Murray stated: I was told by an employee of...
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