Hometown: Rain and Enormously Bigger Land

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Compare my hometown to Seattle(Contrast)
Canberra is a different city from my hometown in many ways. Of course, there might be some similarities to my hometown, like size of population , entertainment and so on. From my perspectives, the differences emerge for ; environment, demographic profile , strategic importance ,weather .all these things brings advantages and disadvantages to live in both cities.

To begin with, environment is entirely different in many ways. In general, Canberra is a green city. Spreading up on a big land and having variety of wonderful natural parks ,it colours the city green. that colour mixs into a big lovely houses which has got brown roofs , delightful backyards. to illustrate this , most of the canberrans live in a houses rather than apartment while popularity of apartment is high in my hometown , the difference for size between two cities might creates this result , to show that , canberra located on a enormously bigger land than my hometown ,however population which two of cities has got closed each other , my hometown is located on a half size of canberra,s land with nearly 300.000.000 people , ridicilously canberra has got nearly 400.000.000 population . lack of land in my hometown leaded to habitants to build a four , five story buildings not far away to each other , at the same time canberrans have got a chance to live in their private land and house ,this usually gives them their own condition to adjust to their environment, and then it leads to their satisfaction to illustrate this point , most of them took chance of growing their own vegetables in a backyards, having barbeque with family and close circle on the weekends ,moreever some of them have got a private swimming pools, In addition to this, people who live in this city feel peaceful in living their lives in this city and feel relaxed those things while, those who live in my hometown rarely feel calm and comfortable....
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