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My hometown---------------------shenzhen
Good afternoon teacher and students, it is my great honor to stand here to give you an introduce about my hometown Shenzhen. 地理位置+概括
Shenzhen,which is located in the very south of Guangdong Province, overlooking Hongkong to the south and bordering Guangzhou to the north, has got well development of both technology and civilization. Although Shenzhen is a very young city, which just was a small village 30years ago. But now, it is a modernize city, play an important role of China.

Firstly, Shenzhen is a very big city ,not for it`s size, but due to it`s population. There are more than ten millions people live in Shenzhen. Also ,it is a new city as well as an immigrant city. Millions of new immigrants come from everywhere in China. So Major Languages Foreign tourists feel ease like at home in Shenzhen.

Secondly, Shenzhen has an oceanic climate. An annual average temperature of 22.3 brings us a beautiful International garden city, which enjoys four seasons of green trees and blooming flowers, but no snows. The sunlight is rich in Shenzhen too, and the rainy season starts from May and ends in Octorber. However, every summer, Shenzhen will have typhoons, sometimes, it may destroy the city.

Thirdly, Shenzhen is one of China's top tourist destinations. For tourists, it is a city of convenience, leisure and endless fun. Theme Park is popular in Shenzhen. Just like Happy valley, Window of the World, OCT east. attracting millions of visitors each year.

This is my Hometown, Shenzhen. A beautiful and mordenize city, I love my hometown and I hope both of you will love it too.

That`s all. Thank you for your listening.
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