Homesteaders vs Cattle Barons a Fight for Land

Topics: Homestead Act, American Old West, Cowboy Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: April 22, 2008
Opening Argument
By: Alexander (Lex) Luther

Are you a person who likes to do all the work and let someone else reap all the benefits? I didn’t think so and neither am I, but that is what has happened to me. I was one of the first to come out west and fight with the Native Americans over land. I made this land safe enough for people to live on and I still protect it today.

I think as one of these first pioneers I should be given the land I rightfully deserve. But my land has been taken away and given to others to use as they please. My land that I fought for and planned to use for cattle raising is now gone. My grand plan of making a life for myself out west has been ruined. It was my chance to really make something of myself and make a lot of money. I wanted a life of adventure in the west and cattle raising offered me that. I would be free to roam the lands with my cattle and not be forced to settle down somewhere or be fenced off from anything. But I have been fenced off from everything that I had hoped for. All the water has been fenced off so my cattle are growing weak and dying. These homesteaders have taken things that aren’t rightfully theirs, my land, my water, my life. Yes I didn’t have a deed for the land when I headed out west, but neither did any first settlers in the United States. This is how territory was first claimed, why change now? This land should be mine. So why shouldn’t I be allowed to get it back. My men and I feel cheated by the Homestead Act. And I admit that when I feel cheated or wronged I fight back. So I may have had a few fences cut down so my cattle can get to the water. I may have let my men let their frustrations be known to the homesteaders. But I have never done anything that I didn’t think was justified, because let’s face it; these people are trespassing on my land. And what do I get? My brother murdered. These people, especially Mr. Kent have stolen from me and countless others. They have...
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