Homesickness in International Students

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Homesickness in International Students
The transition from living at home to college is looked upon as a positive event in a student’s life. Along with this new environment comes a loss of the old and more comfortable surroundings. Homesickness is a separation reaction akin to grief, where the individual concentrates on what is missed from the old environment. Homesickness can be defined by a sense of loneliness, depression, emotional distress and a preoccupation with and longing for home. This separation reaction can lead to a lack of concentration and ability to perform, along with absent-mindedness and cognitive failures and can affect nerves, sleep, concentration, appetite and general health. It is a real manifestation of feeling ill and anxious. Therefore, homesickness can ultimately influence a student’s level of success in adapting to his or her new life. Recently, homesickness has begun to be studied as one of several acculturative stressors impacting individuals who experience cross-cultural transitions. According to, International college students experience homesickness than American students do; because International students have trouble adjusting to their new surroundings, primarily because of culture shock, which stems from confusion about the norms of the new culture. Many college freshmen cannot handle the extreme change from living at home to their independent life in the dorm. These students begin to long for the comforts of home and their life becomes a cycle of going home and wanting to be at home. Leaving family, friends, and a home culture in pursuit of an academic opportunity abroad, international students frequently find themselves simultaneously grieving for missed persons and places, building new social networks, and adjusting to new cultural and environmental demands. In one study, region of home country accounted for 11.4% of the variance in acculturative stress scores of students from Asia, Central and Latin...
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