Homeschooling Versus Public Schooling

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3 March 2010
Public Schooling and Home Schooling
There are many differences and similarities between home schooling and public schooling. There are flaws to both sides and many positive things also. Home schooling has come a long way, from being illegal to becoming more and more popular. Numbers have gone down in public schools. There is not one answer to why public schools are becoming less popular. In reality, neither is bad. There are many advantages and disadvantages of both home schooling and public schooling. Home schooling was illegal a couple decades ago. Parents would be arrested or faced jail time for trying to home school their child for any reason. Many early reasons for home schooling would be that the parents didn’t believe that the public schools were doing a good enough job teaching their children and also they would home school their child because of religious beliefs. Schools have been around for many, many years. Home schooling on the other hand hasn’t been around for nearly as long. Public schooling started in the early 1800’s. Home schooling became legalized around 1993. Home schooling varied between states. Some states made laws like parents being certified teachers, state required curriculum and conduct home visits periodically. Today, home schooling is still illegal in Germany, Greece, Hong Kong and Brazil. It is generally illegal in the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden (Ans10) Home schooling has been around for centuries. It was wide spread until 1870’s in North America. The development of professional educators and school attendance laws came together to create education which came to be recognized in the early 2000’s as schooling. Many presidents and historical figures, such as Booker T. Washington, George Washington, Mark Twain, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, were home schooled (Ans10). There are many advantages from home schooling. First off, it is free of peer pressure. At public schools, you are around other students who are trying to get you to do things you don’t really want to do, but they make it seem like it’s not a big deal. Public schooled students show less self confidence. Some students are too afraid to answer questions in schools because of the reply the teacher might give them. Home schooled students do not encounter bullies like public schooled students do, resulting in more confidence. Students in public schools also have to work within a time frame. They only have a certain amounted time to get their work done. Home schooled students make their own schedules, taking time for what they need to do. Home schooled students also get one-on-one attention; therefore, can get the attention they need to learn, how they need to learn. If a public schooled student doesn’t understand what they are learning, most of them can’t get the help they need to understand it. Home schooled students tend to do better on standardized testing (see fig. 1). If a parent is teaching the student at home, the parent gets more time together with his or her child(ren). In most cases one or both parents stay at home during the day. In recent times, a house is like a hotel, families never doing activities together. Home schooled students don’t have busy work, or something you can be doing until they start the next lesson. Home schooled students can learn at their own pace, and can change subjects whenever they are ready, whereas public schooled students might have to wait for other students. Home schooled students are able to spend more time outside learning, hands-on with nature. Public schools have lost their funding for field trips, leaving students to learn from a book. Home schooled students can go on a variety of field trips. Many businesses will give tours and information about their business to home schooled students. There are a lot of cheap or even free field trips for home schooled students. Most home school students have good role models. They are around their...
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