Homeschooling Controversy

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  • Published : May 10, 2008
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Students should not be home schooled instead of being sent to traditional schools. This is because students who are home schooled may not get the education that students who are sent to traditional schools get; home schooled students may not be able to keep up with the information being learned in traditional schools. Not learning the right information and not being able to keep up with traditional schools means that the home schooled students may not get into a good college, or get a job. Also, home schooled students might not learn manners and how to act in front of other people and how to be social. In addition, if students were only home schooled, there probably wouldn't be any extracurricular activities that a traditional school would have like volleyball, basketball and other activities such as clubs, parties and dances. Home schooled student most likely wouldn't get involved in the community. The core democratic value that supports this is common good. If students were only home schooled, there would be no after school, extracurricular activities. Also, students may not be able to succeed in jobs if they don't learn the right material, and that wouldn't be good for themselves, or the community. They might not find a way to make friends. If students don't talk to each other, communities may not be able to come together. In the article Home Schoolers Content to Take Children's Lead by Susan Saulny, it stated that there is little known about the method of "unschooling" where the only activities done to learn are chosen by the student based on what is interesting to them If little information is collected about unschooling, it cant really be approved, which is something that the US has done. More information on home schooling and unschooling should be collected before it can be approved. Many education officials and others are concerned how students wills learn the basics of reading, righting, math and more and "how they will transition to a structured world,"...