Homeschool vs Public School

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Home school or Public education, which is the right for your child?

Researched and written by Sara Hathcoat for Comm 156
April 4, 2012
Shelley Bruskotter

Homeschool or Public education, which is better for your child?

The recent growth, popularity, and success of homeschool have left many parents wondering if public school is the right choice for their children. While public school is still the most trusted and convenient way for parents to have their children educated, many parents are starting to research and learn more about the option of homeschooling. For many parents, it is hard to think outside the box, when it comes to their children’s education, yet, more parents are convinced every day that this may be the right choice for their children. Parents considering homeschool are worried that they might not be able to provide the proper education, and learning tools, as well as the structure of public school. Others are simply worried that their publicly educated children will not be as well rounded or socialized if they are homeschooled. For many advocates, whether home school or public school, the environment offered by withers situation is definitely a determining factor as to whether their child should be home or publicly schooled. Proponents of homeschool think that children will thrive better in a safe, comfortable, familiar environment. Ironically, so do public school advocates. Homeschool parents believe that home is the safest, most secure environment for their children to learn. A decade ago a homeschooled teen had to miss out on school dances, band, sports, driver’s education and more. This is no longer the case. The options are endless depending on your local school district. Most junior and high schools support dual enrollment. This means that a child can be homeschooled and still go to the school for subject that the student along with the parents decides. This can be math, wood working, computer technology, and many more...
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