Homer Simpson Hero?

Topics: The Simpsons, Homer Simpson, Virtue Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Essay 2: Homer a Hero?
When we think of heroes, we think of firemen, police officers, and soldiers. We don’t think of our neighbors, dads, or friends. Being a hero does not mean we have to put ourselves in front of danger all the time, it is about having the right qualities and displaying those qualities. Being a hero boils down to a few main qualities. These qualities, which can be exhibited in anyway, are qualities that are quite important to being considered a hero. The main qualities are courage, selflessness, integrity, mental strength. The episode, “Mr. Plow” is a part of a series called “The Simpsons”. In the Simpsons, the main character, Homer Simpson, does many stupid things, most of which put his family or himself in danger. By the end of each episode, Homer finds a way to fix any situation. In the episode “Mr. Plow”, Homer puts one of his friends in danger, but becomes a hero by displaying courage, selflessness, integrity, and mental strength to save his friend from death.

The episode “Mr. Plow”, was a typical Simpsons episode. In the beginning, Homer was drinking at the bar, and his wife, Marge, asked him to come home because it was snowing outside. So homer drives home drunk and ends up wrecking the car, into his other car at his own house. Once he lied to the Insurance Agent, he went out to buy a new vehicle. While he is at the auto show, he buys a snow plow and hopes that he can make some extra money by plowing people’s driveways and parking lots. This new scheme of his backfires very quickly when his friend Barney, starts his own plow business. Homer is frustrated by his friend betraying him, and tries to trick Barney by sending him up the mountain to plow a fake driveway. While Barney is up there, he is trapped in an avalanche and is certain to die, unless someone can save him. Homer feels the need to save Barney, and braves the mountain to save his friend. The episode ends with the two friends embracing each other and the...
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